Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Students attend Foster Academy?

Students who need smaller class sizes and more personalized attention, and students with Asperger's syndrome/ high functioning Autism, ADD/ADHD, as well as those who need to focus without the distractions of a larger school environment.

What is High Functioning Autism?

High Functioning Autism (HFA) is an unofficial term used to describe individuals with Autism who have an IQ of 70 or above.  It is a broad term, and usually indicates that a person is able to function moderately well in a classroom, with independence across most adaptive skills (e.g., eating, toileting, general self-care, spontaneous communication, etc.).  Note, however, that an IQ of 70 or above does not guarantee similar levels of adaptive skills and an IQ score is only one part of the HFA puzzle.  At Foster Academy, our curriculum is designed specifically for students with HFA, with the assumption that these students will not need individual assistance for basic care.  If such assistance is needed or if you have any concern or question regarding HFA, please contact us and we would be happy to speak more with you.  Additionally, more information can be found at this link.

What makes Foster Academy Different?

Foster Academy focuses on the student rather than the curriculum. It is not our goal to have as many students as possible. Rather, it is to educate our students in the best possible way. We strive to keep our classes small so students can receive as much individual attention for their studies as needed. Foster Academy incorporates not only academics but also addresses students' needs beyond the textbook with social and life skills instruction.