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Foster Academy

Foster Academy is seeking energetic and enthusiastic teachers as we grow our teaching staff.

We are looking for candidates who are passionate about teaching and know how to build trusting relationships with students. Team members must have an ability to organize a class, facilitate learning differences, connect with students and make learning meaningful.

At Foster Academy we work to cultivate the students’ interest in education and act as their dedicated ally in the entire process of academic learning and personal development.

Essential Functions:

  • Present engaging lessons in a comprehensive manner and use audio/visual and other technological means when appropriate to facilitate learning.
  • Provide individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning and utilizing assessments to gauge the students’ present level of performance.
  • Create and distribute educational content that supports the intended curriculum and is developmental and academically appropriate.
  • Assess and record students’ progress and provide grades and feedback to parents.
  • Maintain a safe and orderly classroom utilizing developmentally appropriate classroom rules and procedures.  Use rewards and consequences that are effective and developmentally appropriate.
  • Report maintenance needs or safety issues to the Operation Director.
  • Collaborate with other teachers, parents and stakeholders and participate in regular parent and/or staff meetings.
  • Plan and execute educational in-class, outdoor, and field experience activities and events as necessary.
  • Observe and understand students’ behavior, actions, and mood and report suspicions of neglect, abuse, etc.
  • Develop and enrich professional skills and knowledge by attending seminars, conferences etc., either as a part of the Foster Academy Staff or on his/her own.

If you're interested, send a note telling us why you would like to work with us along with your resume at admin@fosteracademy.org