What's different about Foster Academy?

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At Foster Academy, our teachers and administrators value an inclusion model, otherwise known as a Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). What is unique to Foster Academy is the emphasis on both LRE and the combined knowledge and respect that our teachers bring to the classroom regarding the unique differences for children and teens with high functioning ASD and related symptoms. While the utmost goal is to educate students in an LRE, every student attending Foster Academy will have a unique set of needs and diagnostic backgrounds, with students learning together how to best interact socially and behaviorally, both in class and in social settings. It is our intent that the classroom experience will be no different than a general education classroom experience. The one exception is that teachers and administrative staff will have specialty training regarding various challenges that arise throughout the school day, with special emphasis placed on common challenges for students with high functioning ASD, such as social interaction or coping skills.