Trip to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge and Festival of the Cranes

On Tuesday, January 30th the middle and high school students of Foster Academy took a field trip to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. The students in both classes finished a semester-long study of the earth's ecosystems, biomes, and wildlife science, so we were grateful to experience the study of earth science close to home at such a perfect time. 

There were several science lessons we had been working on in class that the students were able to finish after their data collection at the refuge. Students have been learning about the science of migration, how to identify different types of birds and, of course, learning about the sandhill cranes and other migratory birds. There were over 1000 sandhill cranes on the refuge during our visit and the students were lucky enough to catch glimpse of a rare whooping crane. After we returned to our classrooms students recorded their data and wrote about cranes and birds of prey. 

We will continue to learn more about how the crane and other birds are able to make this journey every year. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students, as they were able to put their education to work and find out more about science in the world around them. 

Amy Price